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James Dunn

Team Manager, Team Canard

Axis Leader owner since May ’11

“The Axis Leader is the first full carbon frame I have owned, with components hand selected to suit my riding needs. I have built it up with SRAM Force, Shimano RS80 wheels and aluminium bars and stem to give a light, stiff and affordable bike that can still be aggressively ridden and raced in Crits, Road races and bunch rides. The BB30 bottom bracket claims to bring increased frame stiffness, and I have been impressed by the stiff ride the Leader delivers. It really feels like all the work is transferred straight to the ground and when combined with a light carbon wheelset it becomes a joy to sprint on. Throughout the 2,000+kms I have ridden with this frame on rides ranging from 200km training epics to 40km crits, from 100km handicaps to beach road bunch rides, I’ve felt as comfortable as on any frame I’ve ridden in the past. Finally, the clean look of the integrated seat post, white on black decals and unique brand of the frame is always a conversation starter, I have received attention the way nobody riding a Giant or Bianchi could expect.


Unique Brand

Stiff frame


Chunky profile can catch cross-winds

ISP may be a travel challenge, e.g. Bike Bag selection

Recommendation: If you want a bike that delivers all the ride quality and benefits of a big-brand carbon frame without the market-saturated look of common brands, the Axis Leader is for you.”