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About Axis

Axis Bikes aims to supply limited quantities of individually numbered, high-end carbon fibre road, time trial and track frames to Australia and also the United Arab Emirates.

A concept developed by Daniel Watts in conjunction with the "Bakery crew", Axis Bikes intends to remain a niche brand offering high quality frames and components in limited quantity

Axis Bikes will speak with each customer personally to help ensure the right frame model and size is provided. Though not yet supplying group-sets, Axis Bikes has access to high quality carbon fibre wheels and other components, such as handlebars, stems and bottle cages. We are also well placed to advise on the type of componentry which would most ideally suit your needs and budget.

Our Benefits
  • Personal advice on frameset suitability
  • Frames and components supplied to order only
  • Full 2 year warranty on manufacturing
  • Low overhead business model keeps pricing down
Why Choose Us?
  • Low production run framesets and components
  • Clear coat over carbon with minimal graphics
  • Something different from 'the usual'
  • Customise the frameset with what you want

New Products


Read the latest from riders, both social and competitive on what they think about the Axis Leader frameset and wheelsets.

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Sponsored Riders

Axis is proud to support the riders from Canard. Over the course of the next little while we will profile the team members and recount results from races and other events the team participate in.

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New Collection

We are currently working on the new range. We expect to be able to announce the new LWP range of frames in late 2014 and early 2015. Framesets will include a stiff aero, an ultralight and a road disc-brake framesets..

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